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Cape Town not only have some of the best beaches in the world but you can enjoy while surfing or sup surfing. If you would like to learn how to surf we provide you with wet suit surf boards, very experienced surf instructors that grew up surfing and after the lesson a warm shower. We can do group lessons and individual lessons. Kids aged 10 and older are welcome.

Our lessons duration are 2 hours and most beginners will be up and riding after their first surf lesson. We provide equipment and if you visiting we can provided pick from your accommodation. Booking required.

Individual Lesson   – R550 per person
Group of people 4 – R450 per person

Includes your wet suit, surfboard, instructor and hot shower afterwards

What you should bring:
• Sunscreen
• Swimming costume
• Towel
• Warm clothes
• A smile

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Adventure Sports & Tours 4U

Hiking, Walking or Trail Running

Hiking is merely walking on a foot path, whether on a neighborhood trail that runs along the river or a more adventurous trail to a mountain ridge. Hiking can be a great way to escape the monotony of the gym and get a heart-pumping workout. From the many ways to enjoy Cape Town, walking , hiking and running the mountains is one most of us can do. Adventure Sports and Tour 4U  has expert guides who have been growing  and up  and using the mountains for their play ground. With years of local knowledge and mountaineering skills, our trips and tours are designed for any skill level.

Book guided fullmoon hike up Lion Head  from R350pp

Includes pick up and drop off

Some of more popular hiking trails in the on Tble Mountain Area are:

  • Platteklip gorge
  • India Venster
  • Skeleton Gorge
  • Nursery Ravine
  • Devils Peak
  • Newlands Ravine
  • Lions Head
  • Silvermine Mine

There are many benefits of hiking. The most common benefits are:

  • Weight loss
  • Improved health
  • Stress release
  • Promote a healthy lifestyle

Adventure Sports & Tours 4U



Canyoning or better known as Kloofing in South Africa, Kloofing with Adventure Sport and Tours 4U is one of the most exciting adventure sport activities you will do in Cape Town. It is an adventure experience you will never forget, which includes jumping in into rock pools, bum slides and swimming across rock pools. Our expert adventure canyon guides, with years of experience in the mountains will lead and ensure your safety as you follow the river down its course.

Trip info:

Rates : minimum 4  – R1790 per person

Entry permit R375

Its is an early start with a hour drive to the nature reserve from Cape Town. We then do a short hike to the kloofing/canyons where we enter the river gorge and once you in its 2-3 hours down stream, with swimming, rock jumping or better known as a wet hike. Pack light with drinking water and snack bars.

  • There is a compulsory jump of 9 meters
  • Bookings required
  • Seasonal from Nov to Apr
  • Bring along some dry clothes

Adventure Sports & Tours 4U

Quad biking

Cycle Tours

South Africa is Blessed with the best mountain biking trails in and around the city area, right up to the Cape wineries and greater Cape region and Garden route . Our  guided bicycle tours and bicycle rentals cater for all skill levels with a variety trails and sightseeing places  to choose from. being introduced to mountain biking and cycling to advanced multi day stage racer.

Costal Cycle tour  – Ebike

It is a guided cycling tour at your pace, traversing along the costal roads with competent instructors rich in local knowledge showing you the sights, sounds, colours and breath taking views. It s a must do for every local and visitor to the Cape Shores 

 Single track mountain biking (Winelands)

This cycling tour begins with a short drive outside Cape Town City. The boland farm areas  offer lot of single track in  valleys forest and more. Rides are  moderately steep uphill through a freshly scented forest, topping out at mind-blowing views followed by plenty single track. Be warned, it is a mixture of all classic ingredients.

Cape City Tour

Of the many ways to see places we believe the best way is by bicycle. A  road riding package we combine our Peninsula tour with road cycling i providing the ability to see its true nature,  It is  full day tour with a local knowledgeable guide and support vehicle.

All tours includes Bike rentals and Transport 


Sand boarding

Adventure Sports & Tours 4U

Rock Climbing

Allow yourself to be surrounded by mountains and at the same time be a visitor to the vertical world. All climbing day trip and overnights tours are outdoors in and around Cape Town and expedition, climbing can be arranged. Experience not only panoramic views but also a fun filled day with all technical gear provided to ensure your safety and support.

Adventure Sports 4u rock climbing tours caters for climbers of all skill levels from introduction to expedition climbing.

Introduction to Rock Climbing R750.00pp

No experienced necessary. Introduction to techniques and procedure on basic knots, belay and rappel (abseiling) techniques, climbing communication, safety procedures & moving on the rock.

First time climbers will be gradually introduced to varying degrees of height. This course is designed to be FUN for everyone.

Intermediate Skills R750.00pp

For climbers with Previous Experience. Introduction to basic advanced techniques including lead climbing, assessing potential dangers, alternative belay and rappel (abseiling) procedures, anchor building, multiple-pitch climbing and free climbing techniques.

Advanced Climbing  R2490.00pp

Lead climbing, multi-pitch and more hands-on practice in lead climbing, alternative belay and rappel (abseil) procedures, assessing potential dangers, basic aid climbing and rescue techniques. Route finding, descending and advanced free-climbing are covered.

Half / Full day tour includes:

 Equipment hire, harness, shoes, belay device, helmet, climbing Instructor