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Canyoning or better known as Kloofing in South Africa, Kloofing with Adventure Sport and Tours 4U is one of the most exciting adventure sport activities you will do in Cape Town. It is an adventure experience you will never forget, which includes jumping in into rock pools, bum slides and swimming across rock pools. Our expert adventure canyon guides, with years of experience in the mountains will lead and ensure your safety as you follow the river down its course.

Trip info:

Rates : minimum 4  – R1790 per person

Entry permit R375

Its is an early start with a hour drive to the nature reserve from Cape Town. We then do a short hike to the kloofing/canyons where we enter the river gorge and once you in its 2-3 hours down stream, with swimming, rock jumping or better known as a wet hike. Pack light with drinking water and snack bars.

  • There is a compulsory jump of 9 meters
  • Bookings required
  • Seasonal from Nov to Apr
  • Bring along some dry clothes